• 04 Juli 2018
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Surfing Mania at Batubolong Tanah Lot

Surfing Mania at Batubolong Tanah Lot

Surfing has really gained popularity in Tanah Lot. As the sun approaches the horizon, you can see line of young Balinese men approaching the beach on their surfboards, controlling them with the same gracefullness as in their traditional dances, mastering the waves and penetrating the tubes. Surfing in Bali is said to have began at some time around 1970 although it is likely a lucky few were surfing the island to there selves some years before then. Bali in many people opinion is a surfing theme park with so many different waves on a relatively small island for all abilities and all year round consistency.

Tanah Lot, besides having a beautiful panorama, is also known for good waves for surfing sport. But for surfing sport are usually carried out in east of Batu Bolong Temple. Because in this place not too many dangerous rock when compared with the places in front of Tanah Lot temple.

Usually most of these surfing activities are local residents or the younger generation of village Beraban. But there are also foreign tourists who were on vacation in Tanah Lot go surfing and they usually bring their own surfboards. They were guided by local surfers, because they do not know the situation in Tanah Lot seas.

The Locals surfer, guide the tourist not charge a fee, and they very happy to guide the tourists surf. The local surfer in Tanah Lot is people who have had experience in surf sports. So the foreign tourists will not have to worry about his safety while surfing. Many of the tourists who surf at Tanah Lot will be back surfing there. Because the waves in Tanah Lot, good enough to do this sport.

Batubolong Coast at Tanah Lot area famous as a place for surfing among in local surfer or international surfer cause height of its wave which is compatible for surfing. Local surfer usually the young man from entire Beraban village and surrounding villages. They usually do not have experience in surfing world before. But they always not tire to try and practice their style every day. So that as long as they try, they become profesional surfer and can follow the surfing competition to expose their style, both national or international competition.



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