• 16 Juli 2018
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E-Ticketing at Tanah Lot Targeted Complete on September 21, 2018

E-Ticketing at Tanah Lot Targeted Complete on September 21, 2018

Tabanan Regent Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti is targeting the implementation of electronic ticketing program or e-ticketing at Tanah Lot Attraction, Beraban Village, Kediri Sub-district, Tabanan from 21 September 2018. It was revealed by Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti after monitoring two buildings in e-ticketing entrance at DTW Tanah Lot. "Building the house we check first, hopefully on 21 September 2018 we can launch," said Eka Wiryastuti.

According to Eka, the implementation of electronic ticket from the tourists side there is no problem, because usually everything has been submitted to the travel agency or tour guide. "They have a guide, responsible tour leader, because it already includes already with their tour," he explained.
Eka Wiryastuti revealed that e-ticketing becomes more transparent and there is no leakage. In addition, it is measurable, because it can know the amount of income that can later be used for perecnaan for the next program "I do not say there leak nope, because we want e-government must link all, so we know our income," he explained.

While Manager of Tanah Lot, I Ketut Toya Adnyana ensure e-ticketing has been operating on 21 September as said by the Regent of Tabanan. "As stated by the Regent's Head, we are ready to carry out e-ticketing on 21 September 2018," said Toya Adnyana.
Toya Adnyana claimed to have socialized this program to travel agents, guide and other tourism actors. "It's been a long time we socialize to ttravel agents, guide, and tourism stakeholders that Tanah Lot DTW will impose e-ticketing," he said.
He said, two e-ticketing entrances have been completed building on the east one and west of one. E-ticketing program implementation plan has been around since one year 2017. "Currently the auction process of e-ticketing machine," he said.



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