• 04 Agustus 2018
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Tanah Lot Will Held

Tanah Lot Will Held "Tanah Lot Art & Food Festival #2 2018"

Tanah Lot is ready to re-hold a more sophisticated art, culture and culinary festival from last 2017. The cultural and culinary arts event that enters the second year will be held again on the 18 - 20 August 2018. Tanah Lot Art & Food Festival # 2 with the theme "Bhakti Pujaning Segara" or sincere offerings to Segara (sea) will certainly be more lively. The reason is, coupled with the staging of 1,800 dancers of Rejang Sandat Dance Ratu Segara, the regent of Tabanan Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti was cultivated.
The atmosphere of Tanah Lot Art & Food Festival # 2 will become more lively because it also features the appearance of local artists, artists of the City, including famous presenters Roby Purba and Indra Herlambang, Melaney Ricardo, and Chef Billy. While local Balinese artists performed, such as Lawak Trio Celekontong Mas, Bondres Dwi Mekar Buleleng, Leyonk Sinatra, Motifora Band, Lolot and well-known ethnic musicians such as Gus Teja, Emoni Bali and Gita Bhaskara Ethnic. This event will become thicker with its traditional aroma, because it is colored with various typical Tabanan culinary.
The appearance of local artists also makes this event more interesting. The appearance of local artists who are supported by 13 Traditional Villages and overshadowing the Tanah Lot DTW is expected to increase the visits of local and foreign tourists. "In this event there are 2 activities that are mutually supportive, so using 2 event organizers," said the Eka Regent at the stabilization meeting Presentation of the Tanah Lot Art & Food Festival Concept.
On that occasion, the Regent of Eka called for all this to be finalized immediately. Besides displaying new and colossal work, Rejang Sandat Dance Ratu Segara, also presents Kuwir (entog) remains a hallmark of Tabanan culinary. "In addition to the launching of Rejang Sandat Dance Ratu Segara, the branding that we have adopted here remains Tabanan's unique culinary and still introduces Kuwir, because Kuwir is also an icon of the Festival," he said.
The Regent, who has the concept of Bhakti and Ngayah in Tabanan, also emphasized that the UMKM participants last year and now must be different, for the sake of equalization. Likewise, the menu displayed is unique, making it more attractive to tourists. Especially with decorations, the Eka Regent hopes to take the philosophical concept of the Balinese people. "Show something unique and different, so the festival becomes more interesting. "For lighting (lights) is tridatu, not colors are not clear," he said.
Security must be properly guarded by involving all parties, including the coast guard and Pol-Air, given that Eka Regent's dance performance will be staged on the beach. "This area is maintained properly, and is ready in any circumstances," he said.
If previously featuring traditional cuisine, now Urban (more modern) cuisine. Also featuring typical Balinese snacks, namely Klepon with various flavors and colors. Filled with 10 well-known coffee baristas in Tabanan, such as, Leak Kopi, M Aboe Thalib, Kikopi, Kopi Kita Serasi, Sari Pajahan Monument, Kemieri Coffee Shop, Kedai Nikung and Pelangi Coffe.



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