• 04 Agustus 2018
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Preparation For Colosal Dance

Preparation For Colosal Dance "Rejang Sandat Ratu Segara" at Tanah Lot

After almost three months of the training process and the refinement of the Rejang Ratu Segara dance, finally Friday (27/7) there were 300 core dancers were supposed at Penyawangan Tanah Lot Temple, Tabanan. After procession, which was filled with joint prayers, the core dancers then performed as part of the rehearsal that will be held on August 15, involving 1,800 dancers.
The Tabanan Regent, Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti who is also the originator of the Rejang Ratu Segara dance, said on the sidelines of the training that these core dancers will teach other dancers in each subdistrict. "So we are the first regent, to get "taksu", because this dance is a sacred dance," he said.
He said, Rejang Ratu Segara dance was indeed made specifically as a form of love for art and offerings to Ratu Segara. This dance means a symbol of gratitude for the motherland, because life comes from her and as a form of love, gratitude to nature. "We present this dance to the motherland who has provided prosperity and prosperity to protect the homeland, while at the same time promoting Bali and the Archipelago.
Rejang Ratu Segara dance is portrayed as a form of art that is full of taste, aesthetics and beauty in the face of Betara-Betari (Ratu Segara) which houses the Tanah Lot Temple and Beach. Assisted by two reliable choreographers from Tabanan, I Wayan Juana Adi Saputra (Dadong Rerod) and I Wayan Muder, it is hoped that this creation dance will appear majestic, sacred and "kejawen". So that it is in harmony with the natural conditions of Temple and Tanah Lot Beach which are indeed sacred and full of mystical auras.
Unlike Balinese dance in general, Rejang Ratu Segara's dancers wore special attire in the form of white kebaya clothes, green kamben (cloth), and green shawls, according to Queen Segara's preferences. The dancers will also use a rose decoration and use a delicious night ronce, a characteristic of the Queen of Segara (sea ruler). The duration of the dance was designed only 11 minutes with an average 18-year-old dancer.
Because this dance is a sacred dance, so during staging if there is a tussle on the dancer, the dance should not be stopped immediately, even those who are not involved are also prohibited from entering the area of ??the dancers. Even this sacred dance will be staged at 6:18 p.m. "Even so, there are still officers who will guard on the beachside to anticipate unwanted things during the performance on August 18," concluded the Regent of Eka.



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