• 19 Agustus 2018
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Tanah Lot Art & Food Festival #2 Officially Open

Tanah Lot Art & Food Festival #2 Officially Open

Tanah Lot Art & Food Festival #2 2018 was officially opened by the Minister of Tourism, represented by Acting Deputy for Development and Marketing, Ni Wayan Adiyani and accompanied by the Regent of Tabanan Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti. The event which lasted for three days was filled with various activities such as the launch of Kolosal Rejang Sandat Dance Ratu Segara, arts and cultural attractions, culinary, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM), coffee festivals, and various other musical entertainment.
Tabanan Regent Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti is targeting the event to be able to attract 55 thousand tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists. "This is the second festival, last year it was held and at that time for three days it could bring in 45 thousand tourists, so this year our target exceeds last year's 55 thousand tourists," he said.
In addition to increasing tourist visits, Regent Eka also hopes that the event can be used as a venue to introduce MSMEs, Creative SMEs and Tabanan special culinary to the wider community. "This event is also a real form of improving the people's economic sector, so we invite a lot of MSMEs who previously could not perform, then through their Cooperatives and UMKM services we are cooperating to be able to appear trading for profit, there are currently 10 UMKM stands participating enliven, so you can take turns with others, "he added.
Interestingly, after the beating of the gong markers of the opening of the event, the launch of the Kolosal Rejang Sandat Queen Segara was immediately held which was attended by 1800 young dancers who were beautiful and adorned the beauty of the Tanah Lot temple.
"So this dance was created because of our gratitude for the universe that has given an abundance of its present grace, to make this nature more harmonious," said Eka. He also welcomed the tourists who had crowded the Tanah Lot area and urge that you never get bored to set foot in a District that has a vision as a Safe and Achieving Prosperous area.
At the opening of the festival was also attended by Deputy Regent of Tabanan I Komang Gede Sanjaya, elected Deputy Governor of Bali Tjokorda Arya Ardana Sukawati, Chairperson of the DPRD Bali, I Nyoman Adi Wiryatama and Head of the Bali Cultural Office, Dewa Putu Beratha representing Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika.
Meanwhile, Operational Manager of Tanah Lot Toya Adnyana said that his party had prepared the event carefully, both in terms of the concept of the program and the technical implementation. "We at the core committee are ready in all lines, especially our security is backed up by Lifeguard, Security, Polair, Satpol PP, Pecalang District and Pecalang Siwa Murthi Bali foundation. With hope all can go as expected, "he explained.



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