• 19 Agustus 2018
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"Klepon Setan" at Tanah Lot Art & Food Festival #2

Tanah Lot Art and Food Festival #2 held at Tanah Lot, Tabanan, Bali area which was opened by Tabanan Ni Regent Putu Eka Wiryastuti, Saturday (08/18/2018) until Monday (08/20/2018 . During the three days of the festival, Tanah Lot Management Agency as the organizer will display a variety of arts and cultures ranging from Barong bangkung ngelawang, Baleganjur creations, Barong Parade, Rindik performances to Canging Mas Show and Calonarang performances.
While for Tabanan's special culinary, 25 stands were divided into three categories: coffee (barista), bali snacks and snacks.
In the Barista (coffee) category, there is a coffee stand of M. Aboe Talib, Leak Bali Coffee, Kedai Nikung, Pelangi coffee, Kikopi, Kedai Kopi Kemieri, Sari Pajahan Monument and Kopi Kita Serasi.
While in the Culinary category there are Belayag Jidekoh stands, processed goats, Entil, traditional spice fish, lawar kuwir, sate kakul, betutu duck, meatball porridge pork, jae gurami and processed eel.
Whereas in the Bali Snacks stand, in addition to laklak, apem tuak, balinese traditional snacks, processed sticky rice, complete Balinese snacks and klepon three typical colors of lot land also exist ... "Klepon Setan".
Klepon Setan is a produced by AA.SG The Sri Utami  from Kerambitan on the first day of the festival turned out to attract the attention of many visitors. They are willing to stand in line to buy a package of klepon setan containing seven klepon priced at Rp 10,000.
"It feels good and typical. Besides being sweet, there is also a slightly sour taste. It's different from the klepon taste that I usually buy," said Mrs. Ningsih, a tourist from Surabaya who claimed to be curious about the klepon name named Klepon.
Why is this purple-colored klepon called Klepon Setan? The name Setan is short for two names in the Balinese language, namely selo (cassava) and tangi (purple).
"Setan's name is taken from the abbreviation name selo tangi, or purple sweet potato," said the Sari Boga stand guard who presented Klepon Setan, Sunday (08/19/2018) afternoon.
Intrigued by the taste of klepon setan or other Tabanan specialties? Just go to the culinary stand in the Tanah Lot Art and Food Festival # 2 arena in Tanah Lot, Tabanan, Bali.



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