• 28 September 2018
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The Action of Bats Seduces Visitors at Tanah Lot

The Action of Bats Seduces Visitors at Tanah Lot

Apart from the beauty of sunset view, Tanah Lot also features another attraction showing off millions of fruit bats embellishing the sky over the exotic Tanah Lot. The nocturnal animals fly very beautifully, going here and there while looking for food and decorating the sky after the nightfall. This animal having the mouth like that of mouse can fly very fast while catching insects as the prey.
The movement of foraging bats becomes a unique attraction favored by foreign tourists. The bats scattered in the sky after sunset become the target of camera shots of tourists. They are even willing to postpone their time of departure from the object in order to watch the bats clustering at night. For tourists, the attraction is very attractive.
This animal becoming the identity of Batman superhero can indeed be found everywhere. However, the bats at Tanah Lot attraction indeed look beautiful. They are looking for fruits or flying insects.
The bats live in the caves around the Tanah Lot Beach. Some others also live in the local leaves growing nearby. "The habit of foraging bats becomes a concern of tourists. Lately, their action is eagerly awaited by tourists to capture this natural moment,” said Made, a local security officer.
Meanwhile, lately the action of foraging bats looks very beautiful as natural tourist attraction. This attraction has been available from long time ago, but the number was not so much. Lately, millions of bats appear and fly around the sky. Even though it looks vague because of approaching the night, tourists still want to wait for them.



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