• 01 Januari 2019
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Joged Bumbung Dance Attracts Tourists at Tanah Lot

Joged Bumbung Dance Attracts Tourists at Tanah Lot

As a celebration of the end of 2018 and welcoming new year 2019, Tanah Lot holds an open house in front of the yard of the Tanah Lot Operational Management Office on Sunday (12/30/2018).

Tanah Lot Operational Manager, I Ketut Toya Adnyana said the open house activity was held in order to welcome the 2019 new year and at the same time a thank you to the agents, guides and drivers who had brought their guests to the Tanah Lot. This open house activity was held starting on Sunday (12/30/2018), until Tuesday (01/01/2019). In this open house the management of Tanah Lot prepares snacks, free drinks and merchandise in the form of clothes and calendars in 2019.

"This activity is held as an expression of gratitude to the agents, guides and drivers for bringing guests to Tanah Lot," said Toya Adnyana, Sunday (12/30/2018).

In this open house, interestingly there is entertainment in the form of joged bumbung dance. Where the joged bumbung and penabuhan are from the local Tabanan, all of them are from the village of Beraban, Kediri. The pengibing from the joged bumbung dancer was from the management of Tanah Lot, police officers, drivers, visitors to the Tanah Lot and no less interesting the children also joined ngibing. And joged dancers are shown as many as 5 dancers starting at 5:00 p.m.

"We offer this joged bumbung entertainment because it is a local wisdom, and also as a remembrance of memories at the end of the year," he explained.



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