• 12 September 2019
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Procession of Renewal and Purification at Tanah Lot Area

Procession of Renewal and Purification at Tanah Lot Area

On Thursday September, 12, 2019, Tanah Lot Management held a procession of the Renewal and Purification of the Area in connection with the incident a few days ago where two anglers were dragged high waves on the Tanah Lot Beach. The procession is targeting all regions ranging from the west to the eastern region.

The series of ceremonial processions were directly picked up by Jro Mangku Gede at Tanah Lot temple, Mangku Semudra. I Ketut Toya Adnyana as the Tanah Lot operational manager, said the ceremony was expected to provide the universe of harmony while neutralizing and clearing the Tanah Lot area from all negative elements. Because of the basis and purpose of this Ceremony, continued Toya Adnyana, to re-purify the area.

Not only at the scene or behind the Enjung Galuh Temple, upakara is also arranged next to the Penyawang Temple due to the high tide. "This morning we held a Ceremony for the purification of the area, we did it under or next to Penyawang temple, because of the condition of the tide," he said.

The exact location of the incident yesterday behind the Enjung Galuh Temple is indeed often the target of anglers because of very strategic location and coincidentally on certain days there are indeed many fish that appear following certain seasons. Even though the area has a metal door installed and locked, it is often forced to open. Anglers also sometimes ignore safety just to be able to get a strategic location to get a catch.

"For the monitoring of tourists from morning to evening we can still do it with personnel in the field such as public relations, recreation, lifeguards to pecalang, for example if there are tourists passing through the prohibited area we immediately give an appeal to always obey the rules to avoid unexpected incident. But if anglers usually come at night so they cannot be effectively monitored, "he explained.

However, to avoid similar incidents, security in dangerous areas has been tightened again. Even the keys to a number of prohibition gates that were initially lost because they were damaged by residents have been repaired. "We only hope that both visitors and the local community must obey the rules or prohibitions for the safety of each other," he said.



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