• 17 Februari 2021
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I Wayan Sudiana, SE as The Next Operational Manager of Tanah Lot Management

I Wayan Sudiana, SE as The Next Operational Manager of Tanah Lot Management

For almost two weeks of the passing of Mr. I Ketut Toya Adnyana, SP as operational manager of the Tanah Lot Management on February 1, 2021, now the Operational Management of the Tanah Lot Management is led by Mr. I Wayan Sudiana, SE who previously as Assistant Manager. This matter is stated in the Decree of the General Chairman of the Tanah Lot Tourism Attraction No. 01 / BP / DTWTL / II / 2021 where to keep management duties and responsibilities carried out as well as the importance of continuity operational management implementation.

This matter has also been conveyed directly by I Wayan Sudiana in a limited meeting which was held yesterday, February 16, 2021 to all division. The goal is to unite the vision and mission together to build Tanah Lot to be better in the future and always hope that tourism can gradually recover, of course by always being disciplined in implementing the applicable health protocol.

Finally, the entire family of Operational Management of the Tanah Lot Tourism Attraction congratulated Mr. I Wayan Sudiana, SE. Hopefully it can bring Tanah Lot to grow and be even more advanced.



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