• 20 Februari 2019
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Submission of Tanah Lot Contribution in 2018

Submission of Tanah Lot Contribution in 2018

For the performance and dedication of all the operational management of Tanah Lot in 2018, Tabanan Regent Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti expressed her appreciation. At the same time instruct the managers to be more grateful for having extraordinary ancestral heritage, such as temple and beach, during the symbolic submission of contribution as a result of Management of Tanah Lot in 2018 to 22 Pekraman Villages in Kediri Subdistrict, in Wantilan Pura Luhur Pakendungan, Beraban, Tanah Lot, Kediri, Tuesday (2/19).
Also present on the occasion were the Assistant of the Economy and Development of the Regional Secretariat of Tabanan, I Wayan Miarsana, Assistant of Government and People's Welfare of the Regional Secretariat of Tabanan Regency, AA. Dalem Tresna Ngurah and General Administrative Assistant of the Tabanan Regency Regional Secretariat, I Made Sukada, and all related.
He explained that the surrender of the results of the management of Tanah Lot in 2018 was a blessing for all of us. "This is a very big gift, in other regions there is no such thing as this, the only one in Tabanan that has an ancestral heritage, namely Tanah Lot Temple which produces and gives blessings to the people of Tabanan. We must be grateful for having an extraordinary ancestral heritage. This must be maintained, cared for and grateful for, "she said.
Because she realizes, that whatever it is if it is not organized and cared for, it will not produce goodness. For this reason, Eka instructed all managers of the Tanah Lot and all related OPDs in the Tabanan Regency Government to continue to improve the quality, arrangement, facilities and infrastructure on the Tanah Lot. One of the obstacles is the arrangement of markets and environmental cleanliness on Tanah Lot. For implementation and budgeting, there must be intense coordination and communication between Tanah Lot and the OPD related to the Tabanan Regency Government.
"So, now, just how is the arrangement of Tanah Lot going forward? Including the arrangement of the market, it is very important. With the intention of tourists, they can see that the market is good and comfortable, then how can it be arranged and how the budget will be arranged. However it is one of the supporters of this place. People come shopping and it's impossible to see temple but they shop. All of that must be arranged and designed, of course we must also pay attention to the cleanliness of the environment, "she explained.
Besides Market Arrangement and environmental cleanliness of Tanah Lot, Eka also encouraged the management to introduce more culinary potential in Tabanan. And no less important is culinary tourism. How can travelers not only buy tickets, but we can also get other income as long as they are here, one of which is culinary shopping. Later, we will discuss this with regional owned enterprise about the technical implementation and design. Look for culinary traders who have good food quality, so that later culinary in Tabanan can be better known by tourists.
In addition, Eka also instructed to accelerate the implementation of E-Ticketing, so that management of Tanah Lot is increasingly effective and more efficient. "In Tabanan, we want all tourist attraction in Tabanan to use e-Ticketing to be more effective and efficient. We should not miss it first, but first we go forward, the others will be fine but we must go forward first. For the right, because Tanah Lot is like sugar and is sought after by ants, anything will definitely get the public's observation. And because of that I don't want to be wrong, I want to be right when it's right the results are good. So right first and the results must be good, "he explained.
Meanwhile, Tanah Lot Manager Toya Adnyana said that for tourist visits in 2018 there had been a decline of 3,335,882, which in 2017 had reached 3,497,825. this is due to the natural conditions that occur, such as earthquakes and floods in Java, which is one of the causes, which is very influential on the object. "Hopefully in 2019, Tanah Lot will again exist and remain that is attractive to tourists, where tourist visits are dominated by foreign guests," he explained.
He added, his party would maximize the development of the west part that has not been maximized, development of culinary tourism and staging of regional arts. so tourists feel comfortable visiting and not only see the beauty of the beach and sunset, so it can increase tourist visits.
He also hopes that all parties, especially the Village in the sub-district of Kediri and all tourism components together maintain Tanah Lot, so as to provide security to tourists. "We hope that all parties, especially the tourism component, will jointly improve the security of Tanah Lot," he hoped.

Regarding the decline in tourist visits on the Tanah Lot as explained by the Management, Eka suggested that she be grateful for whatever had happened. "Of course we also have to be grateful. Why is that, even though the visit was not in accordance with the target but still the visit remained and was crowded, so they were not tired of getting bored to come to Tanah Lot. So now, how do we manage this place in the future, "she ended.