• 10 Agustus 2019
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Tanah Lot temple ceremony fulfilled with hindu prayer

Tanah Lot temple ceremony fulfilled with hindu prayer

Tanah Lot temple ceremony, Kediri, Tabanan, was held Wednesday, August 7-10, 2019. Based on history, Tanah Lot Temple is included in the Dang Kahyangan where Dang Hyang Nirartha meditates to unite mountain and ocean energy (Lingga Yoni) so that life on earth will occur. When he was about to leave the place Dang Hyang Nirartha asked the local community to erect a sacred building to glorify the God of the Sea and the God of the Mountain (Nyegara Gunung). And his praise was commended every 210 days which is when Buddha Wage Langkir.

When temple ceremony, Hindus who came from various regions in Bali began to arrive to crowded the temple in the middle of the sea. The line is usually in the morning and at night. Even the day before, on Tuesday night, there were already many people praying.

The courtesy accompaniment adds to the beauty of Tanah Lot. Not infrequently, hunting tourists capture the rare moment. By late afternoon, the flow of tourists is increasing. They also mingle on the beach with the prayer. According to Tanah Lot Operations Manager, Toya Adnyana, this temple ceremony adds to the attraction of tourists. Therefore, many are waiting for this ceremony to enjoy the Tanah Lot area.

In fact, they are willing to wait all day to be able to capture the moment most favored by foreign tourists. "Tourists are very enthusiastic to see first hand the religious procession at Tanah Lot," he said. "For local prayer usually most arrive one day before or when pujawali between 7-10 pm at night, because at that time the sea water is receding", he added. Activities usually reach the peak of the crowd from evening to night. "Here we are also assisted by youth community in Beraban village who regulate father in turn. They have started ngayah from before the Kuningan Day until later the macheb on August 10, 2019. So from each of the banjar adat in the village, the youth community ngayah in Tanah Lot temple. Usually they take turns from morning to night ", he explained. "In addition, if sea water is high tide, the committee will put a rope along the function area to help prayer who will pray to the noble or  finished praying. And also we prepare a rubber boat to anticipate, "he added.

While one day before, or Tuesday, August 6, 2019, the "Ngebejian" ceremony was held at Beji Kaler Tanah Lot temple. The ceremony was held at 5 pm, to purify or cleanse all the "pratima" (sacred objects) that will be used in temple ceremony the next day with holy water from Beji (the source of holy water) in Tanah Lot temple.



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