• 21 September 2019
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Go Green

Go Green "Bali Resik Sampah Plastik" at Tanah Lot

Hundreds of participants from elements of local government, the police, and the general public took part in the Bali Resik Sampah Plastik event. This event was held Saturday (9/21/2019) morning in the Tanah Lot area starting at 07.00 Wita.

This activity was led directly by Tanah Lot Operations Manager, Ketut Toya Adnyana. He was very appreciative of the togetherness of the Local Government agencies, society, and local employees also participated in the success of the movement that was initiated by the Governor of Bali. "I am very appreciative of this support for participating  in order to maintain the cleanliness of the Tanah Lot area, especially from plastic waste," he said. And he hopes this activity will be held regularly considering Tanah Lot as an icon of Tabanan tourism which must be maintained especially in terms of cleanliness.

After delivering the opening greetings, the activity continued with cleaning around the area to the beach. The participants brought cleaning equipment such as sacks, brooms, and trash bin. They walk along the coast while picking up one by one the garbage found along the coast. Not only plastic waste, leaves are also collected, and then taken to garbage dumps in the Tanah Lot  area.

"By carrying out the movement to clean the environment simultaneously, especially against plastic waste, which is carried out simultaneously throughout Bali is a very good and noble movement, is also a good movement to keep Bali clean, beautiful, holy and harmonious," he said .

He also invited all religious communities and all Balinese to participate, actively support this movement in their respective environments. "With this movement, we also play a role in protecting nature and life in Bali so that we always have the Shanti Jagadhita," he concluded. This movement also aims to always awaken and raise the spirit of the community to always maintain the cleanliness and harmony of nature in Bali.



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