Natural Environment

I.  Geographic Features

Tanah Lot temple is located at southern coast of Beraban village, Kediri district, Tabanan regency, province of Bali. Position of geographic about 8040 LS southern across and 114o 55 eastern lenght.

Beraban village borders :

- Northern side : Pandak gede village 

- Eastern side : Nyanyi village 

- Southern  side : Indonesian ocean 

- Western side : Belalang village 

II.  Climates

Base of climatology along the southern coast of Tabanan are : 

- Monthly temperature average 27.60 celcius, hoter in march average is 32.40 celcius, and colder in november average 20.70 celcius 

- Relative humidity monthly average is 80.2 % with lower relative average in september is 77.4 % 

- Wind velocity monthly average in june is 15.74 km/h and lower wind velocity in february is 5.18 km/h 

- Rainy per month average is 212 mm and higher in december 459 mm, rainy average is 87.75 mm per day and monthly average to 351 mm   

III.  Identity of physically characteristic of zone

1.     Existing

Width of tapak : 202.830 m2

Around : 2.509 m 

North border : rice fields 

South border : bali nirwana resort 

West border : hindia ocean and kutikan river

The tapak border bases of : geographic border, land ownership, and places of facilities area, whom still can to organized by Commitee Operational Tanah Lot Tourist Attraction in the area of Tanah Lot temple, there is any kind of supporting facilities for praying such as : temple, wantilan (rendezvous hall), sacred kitchen, and bale gong (gong building). Tourism supporting facilities such as : parking area, ticket post, organizer office, shops, art matket, gallery, hotels, and public toilet. Existing condition to show spreading of supporting facilities area are not organized well. Only spreaded in parking area along main circulation lines and steed and direction of development not inquires. Any potential empty lands are not to cultivate yet, might for supporting facilities. A potential natural circle area many kinds configuration of sea, coast, steep, forest, rice field, to fuse between a toll and temple. The architecture as appearance of physical where it has estate value, giving very strong character for region, and also there are stone age heritage, and triantaka monument (struggle monument) for public, social, custome and economic.

2.  Sempadan

Tapak is situated in sanctuary zone, as in regulation of society Tabanan regency year 2002 - 2012, is situated to coast line and border of river. Tapak is also situated at secret zone, base of Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia Pusat (PHDI) No. 11, 1994, it is karang kekeran as temple of holliness, where only to build hinduism building and other things are not allowed. Sempadan beach : min 100 m from higher build. Radius of temple of holliness : min radius 2 km from temple. Other side this zone is functional for greenbelt zone.

3.  Estate

 Land ownership in this zone are devided in big groups are village custome (land belong to temple) and land belong to by personal (director of general taxes of bali province) :  1.  Domain temple : 2 estate (Pakendungan Temple) at west side and holy temple Tanah Lot at south side. 2.  Domain personal : 47 estate 

4.  Slanting Land

Slanting of tapak surface are slop tendency generally 4 - 10 %, some a part of near river, and beaches slanting between 10 - 20 %, along the edge valley the slanting more then 20 %. These conditions are possibility tapak is easy to build up, except to slanting more than 10 % it necessary a special treats, cut and fill.

5.  Water Flows Surface

Tapak as the main features has safety water flows, to east side and west side had places where got poured out of water from surround side, so its not exactly if building mass is placed this side  ( to dam up water flows ) to make flave. To south side ( beach edge ), with slanting of land more than 10 % susceptible of erosion causing high water flows, so it necessary doing special treat to surface and drainage.

6.  Point of View

Visual conditions of tapak at present has trouble by building conditions of facilities there. Tapak has good viewing qualities outside. A natural potential of tapak straight on the open sea to south and west side. In north side we can see ricefield and east side is Bali Nirwana Resort.

7. Compilation

Identity of potential object is beatiful and natural phanorama, makes relaxing, mistery places. The temple with religious situation, without crowded, as place to hinduism praying to God. Supporting facilities ( parking area, restaurant, shop, ext.) makes easily to supporiting the religius temple and tourism object.